Arena Animation, a pioneer in the global media and entertainment training industry offers power-packed courses that help you shape your creative career. At Arena, we train you on industry-relevant employment-oriented skills through the most advanced tools and technologies with the help of expert faculty.

Courses that open the exciting world of imagination for you.

Courses that makes you an all-round VFX specialist.

Courses that prepares you to make an impact in the digital space.

Courses that train you for careers in graphic designing, web designing & development.

Courses that helps you master new-age careers in gaming, augmented reality & virtual reality.

Courses that helps you pick up a new skill, sharpen your skills or learn one or more software.

Animation Prime is a comprehensive program in the fundamentals and techniques of animation that provides understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation in the industry.

VFX Prime is a comprehensive program that covers visual effects for advertising, television productions,filmmaking and makes you a job-ready VFX professional.

The VFX Filmmaking program helps students gain the understanding of VFX filmmaking production pipeline and the skills needed
to be successful as a VFX professional working in Hollywood, Bollywood and the Regional film industry.

Broadcast Prime is a comprehensive program that trains students in all aspects of channel packaging and makes them a job-ready. The program focuses on the design aspect of digital communication for films, TV and the digital media industry.

Graphics Web Design & Development (GWDD) is a comprehensive program that trains students in all aspects of graphic designing, web designing and web development. The program uses industry-endorsed techniques to transform students into in-demand creative professionals.

Today’s consumers are regularly engaged with animated visual experiences, and there is a huge demand for artists to create these experiences for various purposes. Hence, Arena Animation has introduced a combination of animation & VFX skills training with the Animation-VFX Prime program.

The world of visual effects relies on VFX Compositors & Video Editors who integrate live action footage and computer graphics and draw out the emotion of the story. Therefore, Arena Animation has introduced the VFX Compositing & Editing Program.

Arena’s Print & Publishing course trains you in design and visualisation fundamentals, graphics and illustration fundamentals, typography techniques, illustration for print, creating artworks, and designing for print & advertising. A design destined for print demands certain specifications to ensure the highest quality & perfection. With the right knowledge and skills, you can be one of the in-demand professionals in the print & publishing industry

The Digital Advertising Design and Marketing program gives a thorough grounding in the fundamentals & techniques of digital illustrations, typography techniques, digital advertising concepts, digital video techniques, internet advertising, email marketing, and mobile marketing.

Gaming experience has evolved tremendously in the last 2 decades,
and gaming studios rely on the artistic talents of Game Artists to drive
the visual quality of a game. In line with this evolution, Arena Animation has launched the 3D Digital Game Art & Design program.

Learn Game Development on the award-winning Unreal Engine used by game professionals and studios worldwide to create the world’s top games. In this program, students will learn the fundamentals of game development using the Unreal Engine which will enable them to build an centire demo game from scratch.

In this program, students learn to create 3D Animation, 3D assets,environments and animated characters in Blender. From the first polygon to the final render, students will learn all the steps involved in 3D Animation Process to bring imagination to life.

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Courses that helps you pick up a new skill, sharpen your skills or learn one or more software.

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