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The VFX Filmmaking program helps students gain the understanding of VFX filmmaking production pipeline and the skills needed to be successful as a VFX professional working in Hollywood, Bollywood and the Regional film industry.


Animation Prime comprehensively trains students in a duration of three terms:


History of Visual Effects in Films
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
Concepts of Cinematography &
Lights, Colour& Perspectives
Digital Painting
Anatomy Study
Character Design
Visual Scripting with Film Language
Audio – Video Editing
Storyboarding and Animatics
Application of 2D Animation
Project Portfolio

Fundamentals of VFX and 3D Basics
Digital Modeling with Maya
Digital Sculpting
Texturing 3D Models with Maya
Lighting Models with Maya
Rigging 3D Models with Maya
3D Character Animation & Rotomation
Particle & Dynamics
FX & Simulation
Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
Crowd Simulation
Working with Arnold Renderer
Layer-Based Compositing
3D Design Portfolio

VFX Film making – Pre to Post Production
Pre-visualization & VFX Video Shoot
Introduction to Nuke
Rotoscopy using Silhoutte
Roto and RotoPaint
Wire removal
Colour Correction
Green/ Blue screen
Matchmoving Techniques
Matte Painting
Time Remapping & Bounding Boxes
Channel & Multi passes
Advanced Compositing Tools
FX with Houdini
Z-depth & Multipass Compositing
Specialisation & Digital Portfolio
Development (Choose 1 elective)

Job Profiles

  • Previz
  • Postviz Artist
  • Asset Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Rotomation Artist FX Artist
  • Matchmoving Artist
  • Compositor

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